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If you have one or more missing teeth or require tooth extraction, dental implants can help restore your beautiful smile. At Dr. K Dental, located in Union Square of Manhattan, New York, and Manhattan Beach of Brooklyn, New York, the experienced cosmetic dentists surgically place implants into your jaw to anchor natural-looking replacement teeth. Call Dr. K Dental to learn more about dental implants or schedule an appointment online today.

Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are metal, screw-like posts that replace damaged or missing teeth and anchor artificial teeth in place. Implants are a good option if you have more than one missing tooth, or weak teeth that don’t support crowns or bridges. Your dentist surgically places implants into your jaw, where bone grows around them as they heal, and attaches crowns to the top of implants as replacement teeth.

What should I expect during dental implant surgery?

Your surgery at Dr. K Dental depends on the type of implant you’re getting and the condition of your jawbone. Your dentist uses state-of-the-art dental technology, such as an iCAT® 3D scanner, during treatment. Dental implant placement is a multiple-step process that takes at least several months and involves:

Bone grafting

If you have a strong jawbone, you might not require bone grafting. If you require bone grafting, bone regeneration is the first step in the process. Your dentist uses bone graft materials to rebuild and strengthen your jawbone before implant placement. The healing process can take several months.

Implant placement

After your jawbone heals, or if you don’t require bone grafting, your dentist drills holes into your jawbone and surgically places implants into it. While the implants heal, your provider gives you temporary replacement teeth to wear while a lab creates your new custom-made teeth. Over time, your jawbone unites with the implants to provide a solid anchor for artificial teeth.

Attaching artificial teeth

Once you heal from surgery, it’s time to receive your new teeth. Your dentist attaches new custom crowns to the implants to perfect your smile. Implant-supported bridges are also available at Dr. K Dental.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

If you have missing or severely damaged teeth requiring extraction, there are numerous advantages of receiving dental implants. New replacement teeth can:

  • Improve your speech
  • Make your smile aesthetically pleasing
  • Provide more comfort than removable dentures
  • Enhance your self-esteem
  • Allow you to keep nearby natural teeth intact
  • Make chewing easier
  • Lower your risk of gum disease
  • Reduce teeth shifting 

Implants are durable and can last many years or even a lifetime with proper care.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

Your Dr. K Dental provider lets you know if you’re a good candidate for dental implants. To be considered, you should meet the following requirements.

  • Have one or more missing teeth or require tooth extraction
  • Don’t have gum disease at the treatment site
  • Are free from immune-compromising or serious health conditions
  • Have sufficient jawbone tissue or are willing to undergo bone grafting
  • Don’t smoke
  • Can commit to several months of treatment

If you’re tired of damaged or missing teeth affecting your self-confidence and are ready for a beautiful smile with dental implants, call Dr. K Dental today or book an appointment online.