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3D Digital Dental Radiography Machine |Teeth X-Ray


Dental technology has touched new heights. It makes dentists easier to examine, test, treat and deal with all forms of dental conditions. At Dr. K Dental Clinic, we have integrated 3D Digital X-ray machine, considered the future of dental technology, to help us deal with our patients accurately with an improved view of their dental conditions, particularly root canal treatment. 3D X-rays give patient’s information such as number and shape of roots, number and shape of nerve canals, exact location and depth of infection, etc on a more granular level.


What are the components of 3D Digital X-ray technology?  

  1. Hardware comprising a high-technology 3D x-ray machine for capturing raw data.
  2. State-of-the-art and complex software for processing the captured raw data to form an image.
  3. Training of dental professionals for reading and interpreting the image clearly.


Why 3D Digital X-ray technology?

Regular 2D X-rays come with a lot of disadvantages. 3D X-rays, in actual, are a virtual visual of the teeth and oral cavity. Because the image captured can be viewed by zooming it up to down, left to right, front to back and rotating it 360 degree, we at Dr K Dental Clinic can diagnose a number of conditions without the patients having to undergo exploratory surgery. There is a higher level of accuracy, and treatment becomes more focussed, enabled by the accurate visualization and representation of the teeth and oral cavity. Moreover, it comes with a convenient touch screen for dental professionals to operate easily. 

Also, our dental 3D dental x-ray technology, which makes use of digital images in a unique way, is less hazardous to our patient’s health and is completely safe, as they have completely low exposure levels. With the exposure levels as low as 90%, our patients are assured of lowered exposure to X-ray dose. And this is actually lower than the exposure that a hospital grade CT machine would emit for an equivalent image type. Unlike conventional X-ray films, a digital X-ray does not utilize any chemicals such as silver halide, thereby contributing to a better environment.

We adhere to strict guidelines in the use of digital 3D dental x-rays for safety and protection of the patient. We will further evaluate the patient to see if a digital 3D image is really necessary. At Dr. K Dental Clinic, we take great pride in providing digital 3D dental x-ray services with a well-trained staff to assess, obtain, view, interpret, process or read digital 3D x-ray images. This technology, for sure, has enabled us to come up with the most optimal treatment plan to bring back your smile.


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