Why Are Your Teeth Yellow Even Though You Have Good Dental Hygiene?

Our dental professionals at Dr.K Dental hear this all the time: ‘why are my teeth yellowish in colour, though I maintain good dental hygiene? So what can be the reasons? It doesn’t necessarily mean that your teeth are unhealthy or unclean. Instead of worrying about how you actually care for dental hygiene, you should keep an eye on what you drink, eat and how much you smoke? All it requires is some adjustments in your lifestyle and diet to prevent stain build-up on your teeth.

Smoking not only kills, but forms yellow stains too!

Smoking not only leads to oral health diseases such as gum diseases, and increases the risk of mouth cancer, but also gradual yellowing of teeth. Though there are whitening treatments available with us to prevent yellow stains from developing again, the results can be visible, post treatment, only when you reduce or quit smoking.

Reduce intake of coffee, tea and wine:

Is a day without wine for you like a day without sunshine? Or do you usually follow your meals with a hot and simmering cup of tea or black coffee? Check out as this could be the number one reason why your teeth has lost their whiteness and have become stained or yellow. This is because red wine, coffee and tea all have chemicals known as tannins, which leads to staining, gradually, on the surface of your teeth on prolonged exposure.

Is your enamel getting worn of?

Another possible reason for yellow teeth is thin enamel. Sometimes prolonged illnesses and medications can lead to thinning of enamel than it was before. There are acids in drinks and food that can dent enamel, especially due to the presence of extremely corrosive acids in carbonated drinks like cola, Pepsi or most of other soft drinks.

Hygiene may not be everything, but that isn’t the only thing:

It is not enough that you clean and floss your teeth everyday to keep your teeth shiningly white without paying attention to dental hygiene. All said and done, nothing can replace keeping your teeth clean to stop bacterial growth and onslaught on the teeth, causing tooth decay and cavities.        

Get in touch with your dentist:

At Dr.K Dental we have everything it takes for you to retain teeth whiteness, as well as guiding you to how to prevent yellow stains from recurring. We are fully qualified for whitening treatments, suitable for people of all ages. Stop drawing a veil over your smile, talk to us today, and restore the colour and shine of your teeth.



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