What is Preventative Dentistry all about?

What dentists preach and practise all over is ‘restorative dentistry’, nothing but famed cosmetic dentistry that almost everyone is familiar with. The goal is to fix any issue, imperfections or flaws concerning the teeth that helps restore one’s smile and confidence in the process. For instance, stained teeth or gaps in the teeth can shatter one’s positivity and general outlook. Can those be prevented in the first place? Preventative dentistry is the way to go. It is turning out to be very popular all over the world.

 Its popularity is not due to the growing number of people affected by dental issues these days. Or the increasing number of people resorting to tooth fixing and alignment.  It is catching up fast because any one can practise it easily, whether young or old. As long you care for your teeth, preventative dental care is quite imperative.


What is that you are trying to prevent?

We have discussed quite a lot on the negligence of dental and oral hygiene. This is the starting point for many dental issues to occur. Remember every time you expose your teeth to the teeth-shattering temperatures of your favourite ice-cream or ice-cake or when you pick up your just-brewed hot coffee and cautiously sip it to warm up your taste-buds. The kind of pressures and temperature rise that such a small part of the mouth is subjected to makes dental hygiene and care all the more important. And there is no real short cut than Preventative dentistry if you want your teeth to outlast time.

Long words short, preventative dentistry works best at ensuring your teeth remains healthy, shining and clean while the damaged ones are fixed before they are rendered of no use. What are the things one needs to observe in preventative dentistry?


Brush your teeth:

Brush your teeth twice daily: Commonsense, really; even a kindergarten child does it through daily practise and drills. It will not only keep bad breath at bay, but also clean out the bacteria that may aggravate serious dental problems.


Floss daily:

Don’t think that brushing is the panacea to all dental issues - only 80% of the dirt is removed out of brushing from the surface of the teeth. There is a good amount of food debris that needs to be removed between the teeth. Only regular dental floss can eliminate those particles before they cause any further damage.


Visit your dentist:

Regular and well-timed visits to your local dentist can help you prevent a range of dental issues from scurvy, gingivitis and periodontal disease, hitherto unknown to you.  Visit us today to know how you fare in terms of fighting dental and oral issues.

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