What are The Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Smile Whitened, Straightened or Veneered?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures teeth whitening, veneers, teeth straightening, bonding have become mainstream in the US, where image enhancement is something  sacrosanct. Here are four things to consider before going for any cosmetic dentistry procedure:


  1. Everything starts with a bit of planning:
  2. Most dental experts and professionals in the US tailor their offerings, and not just to make them feel attractive. For instance, if you are looking to get veneers, you need to look into the several models and photographs that your dentist may discuss with you. Talk to your dentist to understand what best suits you from an emotional point of view. Also, 3D Digital X-ray machine helps in computer simulation so that the patient is in the driver's seat.


  2.  Understand the advantages of various treatments:

      Whitening is the most preferred cosmetic dentistry method. Although there are many who go for over-the-counter products and in-office treatments generally using bleaching agent applied onto the teeth they aren’t quite as effective as the cosmetic dentistry procedures. Follow-up treatments,          in part, depend on how much coffee, red wine or how many cigarettes the patient partakes in.  Usually, maintenance is quite low as it requires no regular follow-up sessions.  


      Dental bonding, which is used to fix chipped teeth, makes use of a resin material applied to a tooth.        A special LED light is used to harden the resin.


      Porcelain veneers is highly popular in that it is permanent, natural and beautiful. The procedure generally follows a thin piece of porcelain that is bonded to the enamel’s tooth. Dentists work with professional ceramicists to offer the teeth a natural look.


  3. Cost of treatments (and follow-up procedures):

      Get a measure of the cost of treatment and required follow-up treatments before deciding one. The price of bonding depends on how much a tooth is subjected to bonding or modification.


  4. Orthodontics helps:

      Talk to your dentist about how orthodontics procedure can help you if you’re ready to spend on the procedure. Invisalign comes as a perfect alternative to metal braces for teens as well as adults. The colour of the teeth matters, but more important is the position of the teeth. The price of conventional orthodontics can vary compared to a tray system that dentists use on patients with minor problems.

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