What are the Main Advantages of Dental Implants?

A dental implant, also called as a fixture, is a surgical element that is surgically positioned into the skill or the jaw bone to support a dental prosthesis such as a denture, crowd, or a bridge.  The present day dental implant involves the use of materials such as ceramic, titanium, etc attached firmly to the bone.  The implant fixture is first positioned on the empty portion of the mouth after which it is allowed to heal for a significant period of time, following which a dental material, denture, tooth or a bridge is fixed to the implant supported by a dental implant. Though dental implants are a success at large, it may sometimes depend on the patient’s health who is undertaking this procedure.

The dental implant procedure involves the patient having had to undergo a check up whether he/she can sustain the pain and the amount of stress brought on during the fixture of implants. The patient should be tested for non allergy to drugs, usually injected at the time of procedure. It entails a certain level of risk in that the doctors have to view the angle of position of implant fixture and a patient’s jaw opening level among other things. Here are five advantages of how dental implants can help replace a damaged or missing tooth



  1. Natural tooth is restored: An implant comes in as a proxy for a normal tooth and helps do all the functions of a natural tooth like chewing, biting etc. It also fills the gap in the gum area, which prevents food particle from depositing, thus creating gum cavities.
  2. Long term: These dental implants are nearly permanent when fixed properly and maintained in good condition, unlike dental bridges whose longevity is guaranteed only up to a maximum period of 5 years.
  3. Natural effect is retained:  The patient’s facial appearance such as the size, orbit and shape of the face is naturally retained post implant procedure.
  4. Protecting gums: When the gaps in the mouth are left wide open it gives room for food sediments and particles to deposit leading to cavities and eventually bigger health concerns.
  5. Builds self-confidence:  One biggest take-away is that the patient feels more confident and no longer has to shy away of talking and smiling post procedure. This is what makes Dental implants quite popular nowadays with people looking for cosmetic corrections. It’s goodbye to embarrassing toothless gaps in the mouth.


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