The many benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry has evolved from strength to strength over the years owing to technological advancement.  There are many who would like to put up a great smile using cosmetic dentistry procedures. Though Cosmetic Dentistry, at large, works on the dental problems to prevent them in the first place, the focus is to improve the appearance of one’s smile. Cosmetic dentistry has had a positive effect on several of our patients. Here are some of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry:



  1. Patients with cracked, broken and chipped teeth undergo cosmetic dentistry to have their tooth fixed. It can also reduce signs of ageing and lends the patient a more young-looking and spry feel. It can also fix dental damage caused by illness, trauma, developmental abnormalities, infection or heredity.
  2. Cosmetic surgery has the power to change the overall psychological outlook by imparting an attractive physical appearance. Patients let down with years of low self-esteem are given a new lease of life with either their dental problems covered up or corrected. This can go a long way in improving one’s personal and professional relationships in one’s life.
  3. Though people living in extreme rural or remote areas have lesser accessibility to cosmetic surgery, this procedure is commonplace in small urban areas. Because cosmetic dentistry procedures are well within the scope of general dentists, it is increasingly becoming accessible to a wider segment of the populace.  
  4. Though cosmetic dentistry can be bit expensive compared to other dental procedures, it is to be noted that the cost of cosmetic dentistry has come down in recent years. This will benefit patients looking for affordable cosmetic dentistry services.  Besides, several dental insurance programmes help cover cosmetic dentistry procedures when performed with structural reasons. Patients should check with their insurance company whether cosmetic dentistry procedures are covered are not before considering the treatment.
  5. Cosmetic dentistry is known for its longevity as it can last anything up to 10 years. This helps save patient’s valuable time and money in terms of future investment and post-procedural follow-up.
  6. Finally, the recovery time from cosmetic dentistry is comparatively short as several other procedures involve a lot of pain. Patients that undergo cosmetic dentistry report short recovery time. In addition, the success rate of cosmetic dental procedures is as high as 90%.


As with any other medical procedure, patients should weight both the pros and cons and then make jumping into any making decisions. The bottom line is that advancement in dental cosmetics has offered a comparatively efficient,  fast and cost-effective way for bringing your smile back.


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