Some Hard Facts About Missing Teeth!

Is missing teeth gonna be a big deal? No, not for most people. But there is a certain downside to it and that is the several negative effects of not replacing a missing teeth. Having missing teeth isn’t just about putting an attractive smile on your face. Here are some hard facts about missing teeth and why you must replace them with the correct procedure today:


1. It is tough to eat:

Apparently, you will have a tough time savouring any hard foods or relishing your favourite dish when you have no tooth for chewing food. This means the gums are subject to pressure every time you chew something.


2. Dysfunctional bite:

A missing tooth pushes the remaining teeth to gradually move towards it. The way you bite is important, and any physical changes to it will lead to dental problems such as tooth decay, gum problems and lend you an “older look”.


3. Gum problems & Tooth Decay:

It is quite stifling and inconvenient to clean the teeth when there is a gap between one another. Often, this results in tooth decay or gingivitis.


4. You may look older than what you actually are:

Premature aging is something everybody would like to do away with. Based on the location of the missing tooth or teeth, you may have sunken cheeks or a preceding jaw. The lips can wrinkle because of jawbone resorption.


5.Speech problems:

The teeth play an important role in the clarity of speech. Needless to say, you may not be able to pronounce certain sounds correctly when you’ve missing teeth. Another embarrassing thing could be accidental spitting while you’re talking to somebody.


6. Low confidence:

Do you shy away from talking to others or smile lest they come to know of your imperfection? Thanks to your missing tooth or teeth. Now imagine how this could have a bearing on your relationship at home or even performance at office, etc.


We recommend our patients to replace their missing tooth or teeth to avoid future complications and save the remaining teeth from dental problems discussed above. Though mostly dental implant treatment is recommended, alternate options like fixed bridges and false teeth can do a neat job. Talk to us for the best available option.  


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