Should You Talk To Your Dentist About Your Wisdom Teeth?

One thing that is often attributed to wisdom teeth is pain. Recent studies shows that nearly 85% of people wanted to have their wisdom teeth removed citing lack of room for them to grow properly. The mouth, usually, can put up 28 teeth, and the additional four would mean that the mouth has to adjust itself, leading to infection, mouth pain, and damage caused to surrounding bones and teeth. Some people feel little or no trouble with their wisdom teeth, but for many they can be a ‘thorn in the flesh’. There are times when you might look to remove your wisdom teeth: 

1. The teeth lie still beneath the gum’s surface. Now what happens is that the wisdom teeth are either impacted or trapped, within the jaw. Impaction may be troublesome, causing infection and cysts, and inflicting damage to the jaw bone structure and surrounding nerves.

2. When your teeth are partially open to exposure through the gums, you will have difficulty cleaning them properly, and this may cause infection due to excess bacteria.

3. The teeth have outgrown and drawn near surrounding teeth. Many a times, you can find that your teeth would have grown in fully, yet not properly. This may impact or crowd the nearby teeth, damaging the other teeth as well.


So what is a good time to talk to the dentist?

The wisdom teeth normally start to grow between 17 and 25 years. As a result, most people also have them removed around this time as well, because the roots of the tooth, you may find, are partially developed and not quite as hardened yet. But if there are any noticeable changes around the molar area, it is time to take to your dentist, as these changes may be excessive tooth decay, cysts or some other infections. Between, you may check in with your local dentist when you enter late teen years, or if you’ve never discussed wisdom e teeth with your doctor before.

At Dr. K Dental, we help you understand what wisdom teeth are and whether they need to be extracted. Our orthodontic specialists will handle the process best from there on. Make your appointment with us today.


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