Implants vs. Dentures or Bridges: The Facts and the Myths

Do you know that 35 million Americans have all their teeth in one or both jaws missing? And you wouldn't want to be one of those, would you? Dental implant can be the next best thing to real teeth. 

Dental implants have long replaced dentures as one of the most preferred treatment for excessive teeth loss. The number of people undergoing dental implants is growing by 5, 00,000 a year with about 3 million people to have done dental implants.  It is important to know what differentiates implant-supported dentures from traditional dentures and here are six reasons that will leave you more than convinced


Improved Speech and Confidence:

Missing teeth or losing one or more of your teeth can adversely impact one’s self-confidence or self-esteem. They can change normal facial appearance and affect the way one speaks and sounds. In addition, you’ll lose the ability to chew well and digest normally.

Titanium-supported implants strengthen the natural teeth and offer higher stability. This totally negates the need for unnecessary artificial teeth or denture adhesives. Because implant-supported dentures are tailored for your mouth, you needn’t fret about dentures slipping when you talk or work normally. Prosthetic teeth with natural teeth-like appearance can help you smile and act confidently.

Healthier Gum Tissue:

Other disadvantages with dentures or bridges include gum irritation and bone loss —they can speed up the process. Misalignment and biting down can cause gum and bone irritation, resulting in significant bone loss and gum inflammation.

Implant-supported dentures fit more firmly in the mouth than a regular denture which means the bite forces are uniformly distributed. This makes it easier for you to bite or chew your favourite food because gums and bones remain stimulated, though protected.

Proper chewing of food helps absorb all the nutrients that the body requires for digestion. However, insufficient chewing of food, because of tooth loss, makes your stomach work harder, affecting the way food is absorbed.         

Slow Further Bone Loss:

If you lose your permanent teeth it may result in further bone loss. This is pronounced in patients with either partial bridges or traditional dentures. In the past, people who already experienced excessive bone loss were not considered candidates for implants. Times have changed and now only very few won’t qualify for implant treatment as it involves less bone for the success of treatment. Traditional dental implant, which involves two separate surgeries, requires several months to recover.

Dental implant is a lot simpler with only 4 implant posts, offering the patient a permanent set of teeth fortified with a titanium support system that is highly durable and can last long.

Enjoy All Your Favourite Food:

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, Implant-supported denture, with its higher biting force,  helps you enjoy those thick, hard crunchy snacks that have been eluding you for some time.

Looking to restore your persuasive smile with the help of implant-supported dentures? You have every reason to smile about as we offer a cost-effective solution for your missing teeth.


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