I have missing teeth? What can I do about it?

Often, patients tell us they have missing teeth and are clueless about how to get the problem fixed. If you have missing teeth or don’t quite have a full set of permanent teeth, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The American Dental Association (ADA), in a report, mentions that the average adult who is aged between 20 and 64 has about three decayed or missing teeth.

Whether you lost your teeth in a mishap or an accident or had those pulled out, tooth replacement options not only enhance your look and appearance, but they may also improve the way you speak and chew things. Here are some of the options for replacing your teeth that our dental health care expert recommend:


Dental Implants:

One of the most commonly recommended methods, a dental implant can lend a robust, long-term solution for replacing one’s missing teeth. It involves surgical implantation that is carried out in three stages spread across several months. Most of our patients prefer dental implants over other methods as they have a natural tooth-like appearance and can outlast several years, or even several decades in some cases.



There are different kinds of dental brides, which are generally devices that bridge the gap in the area where you lost your tooth or teeth. Dental implants, by structure, usually don’t affect your surrounding teeth, but bridges, more often than not, are fixed to your adjacent teeth for support.



If you’re suffering from more than just a handful of missing teeth, our dental care professionals may recommend dentures, which are simply removable devices comprising a number of artificial teeth. Full dentures lend the same look, feel and function as that of a full set of teeth, whereas overdentures will fit over whatever remaining teeth you have. It may require some time for one to get accustomed to wearing dentures, but after a bit of adjustment, he or she should feel natural and comfortable with dentures.

Is missing teeth affecting your self-esteem and outlook? Give us a shout ,and we will offer you the best advice on how to replace your missing tooth or teeth with state-of the-art dental procedures today.

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