How Does Discreet Orthodontics Benefit You?

How Does Discreet Orthodontics Benefit You?

What is your impression of orthodontics? Do you picture it is a metal train track brace? Well, you aren't the only one! Many adults reckon it is the only type of orthodontic treatment at the dentist’s office, which can be more than enough to keep them running away from treatment. But they got it all wrong.

Discreet orthodontics, nevertheless, is a fast-growing area of cosmetic dentistry, and employs either clear aligners or subtle braces for correct alignment of your teeth. We, at Dr.K.Dental, are experts at orthodontics using clear removable aligners as well as invisible fixed braces.

Invisible braces:
Invisible braces are tooth-coloured and made of clear plastic forms. The brackets, mostly, are ceramic and clear, while the wires come in nickel-titanium that is built and designed to match your teeth’s natural shade. In other words, they are not immediately noticeable at first look. The biggest advantage of these discreet braces is that they can align your teeth in the correct position in the shortest time period, owing to their distinct design. This ensures both the crowns of the teeth and root move together.


Removable aligners:
There are cases where removable, clear aligners can replace fixed braces. This treatment does not affect your daily life as you can go about enjoying your favourite food or taking them out while eating and drinking, cleaning and brushing your teeth normally you can do all this and more without any special dental or oral hygiene techniques needed with aligners.

At Dr.K.Dental, we employ specialised techniques that can align and correct issues like protrusion or crowding near the front teeth. Our exclusive removable aligners pull and push your teeth into the correct position easily. Our treatment is quite fast and effective, and further you are under no obligation during consultation with us.

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