Are Transparent Aligners Becoming More Popular Than ‘Wired’ Braces?

Are you looking to have your teeth straightened? Do traditional orthodontic methods allow doing this without inconvenience and lower visibility? Though the method worked like charm for many years, it is definitely not hassle-free if you undergo the procedure. However, there is good news: non-wire braces for improved teeth straightening experience.   


Disadvantages of wires:

As discussed earlier, this traditional method has had a good track record of teeth straightening in the US over the years. In fact, there are several cosmetic braces that continue to dominate cosmetic dentistry through state-of-the-art and discreet materials.  Some patients struggle to cope with the wiring. But then some discomfort is necessary in the form of some level of pressure implied so as to reposition them. It is a not good feeling, certainly, when you have that wires and brackets pricking and poking you every time you talk and munch, notwithstanding the minor speech defects that can be embarrassing.

From a dental and oral hygiene point of view, there are things that can be a spot of bother wearing a dental brace can make cleaning your teeth difficult at times. And again food may easily get trapped in the brackets or wires. However, it stands to good reason why keeping tooth decay at bay requires some feat that when you don’t wear braces.

Then, there is that problem of wired braces showing up whenever you say “cheese”, something that most patients who prefer to undergo the procedure may rather be content with crooked and chipped teeth.

Non-wired braces:

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved over the years, and one of the most promising changes has been how ‘no wire’ dental braces, or ‘Invisalign’ have proved more than handy. Made out of medical grade transparent plastic, it can be placed directly over the teeth. It is built in a series with each doing the work of giving the teeth correct alignment and position than the previous one.

Besides being invisible, the system is flexible enough so as to remove the trays when one is having food or cleaning the teeth. And this comes as a respite from traditional braces, as for many eating properly is everything. Remember with transparent aligners, the health of one’s gums and teeth is enhanced, and cleaning them is far more simple and easier when compared to the likes of wiring!

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